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    Lowest Price Guarantee

    We are confident that our low prices and exceptional service cannot be bettered in our market.

    BLUE PRINTING SERVICES guarantees you are always getting the lowest price with standardized and published pricing!

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    Free Delivery Guarantee

    No matter what products you order, we will send it to you by FREE with just-in-time service (within West Malaysia).

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    Delivery in Secret Guarantee

    We will keep our promise to deliver the goods to your customers doorstep without any information of sender!

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    ROSH Compliant Guarantee

    We are committed to complying with legal and other requirements on environmental protection, preventing pollution to the environment, continually improving our environmental performance and upgrading our Environmen-tal Management System.

    Our soy-based inks are kind to our environment, emitting fewer volatile organic compounds than traditional petroleum-based inks. Our soy-based inks deliver sharp, bright colors with no loss in image quality.

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    ISO Quality Guarantee

    ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems(QMS).

    It provides a tried and proven framework for implementing a systematic approach to managing an organization's quality processes to meet and exceed customerrequirements.

    It ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality with sharper dots.